Why Spring Is Selling Season and How To Take Advantage of It

Why Spring Is Selling Season and How To Take Advantage of It

  • Rob Thompson
  • 03/30/24

While the real estate market is always changing, seasonal patterns can help us make predictions and answer questions like: when is the busiest time to buy and sell real estate? In an average year and certainly this year, the springtime months see a renewed buzz of activity. Whether you’re a buyer who’s been wishing for a wider range of inventory or a seller waiting for a high-activity time to list your home, learn why spring is the top real estate selling season!

What Makes Spring the Selling Season?

In the vast majority of years, springtime sees the highest volume of listings and the most sales activity compared to other seasons. Let’s break down why that is. 

Long daylight hours

Many buyers have availability to view homes after their typical workday, which generally ends at 5pm. However, in the winter months along the Front Range, the sun is already setting by the time house hunters can make it to a showing. Viewing prospective homes after sunset is possible, but it’s more difficult for buyers to get a true sense of the neighborhood, the exterior of the home, and the overall impression of the full property without the element of natural light. 

When springtime and daylight saving hits, it becomes much easier to appreciate a home with stunning windows, a lovely backyard, or a particularly unique exterior paint color. Many people also have more energy for activities like viewing homes once the sunshine sticks around a bit later in the evening. 

Beautiful weather

Let’s face it: it’s not always easy to get around during the winter in Colorado. Impromptu snow storms and chilling winds mean that many people simply want to hunker down after a long day or week at work. As spring slowly thaws the state, more predictable and pleasant weather draws more people out and about in search of their dream home.

Maximized curb appeal 

For sellers who have invested time and money into the curb appeal of their home, from the flowerbeds to the manicured lawn to the patio awning, there’s no better time to show it off than spring. As flowers begin to bloom and the grass turns green again, buyers can easily appreciate the care that sellers have put into their home exteriors. Whereas a yard covered in snow looks the same regardless of what’s underneath, a yard in springtime can tell a beautiful story. 

Flexible schedules

The beginning of a calendar year often brings demanding work responsibilities, new goals, and busy schedules. As spring rolls around, quarter one draws to a close and travel plans pick up again. Professional lives take on a new cadence and often leave additional space for other important priorities like house hunting. In March and April, schools go on spring break and open up a bit more time for families to seek out their next home or travel to next year’s location to view local real estate. 

School year and travel rhythms 

Spring is an ideal time to find a home for families with school-aged children because it allows them to move during summer break and transfer schools for the beginning of the new school year. This way, there’s more continuity for the children’s social and educational journey and parents can take their time finding the right school district to move into. 

For buyers both with and without children, the summer months often mean travel. Since summer vacations and the height of the travel season haven’t started yet in the spring, buyers are still local and available to search for a new home. 

Military relocations

In Colorado Springs specifically, military relocation planning ramps up during the spring. Military moves generally take place in the summer and families with orders to move to the area need to secure housing a few months in advance, making spring the prime house hunting season for relocating military families heading to bases like Peterson, Schriever, and Fort Carson. 

How to Take Advantage of Spring Real Estate Activity

If you want to sell this year and it’s possible to get your home on the market sooner rather than later, listing in the mid-April through May timeframe is ideal. You can take advantage of all of the leverage we’ve covered here by getting your house on the market for the springtime rush. 

With that being said, sellers still need to be strategic during the spring. Because it’s such a high-activity season, a rush of homes hit the market during these months. There’s competition among buyers, but there is more inventory for sellers to compete with as well. Pricing and staging strategically will go a long way in a stress-free and profitable home sale. 

Above all, prioritize the timing that works for you. If you’re thinking of selling your home this year and haven’t quite come to a decision yet, now is the time to finalize your plans. It’s a good idea to move quickly to maximize the sale price of your home. 

Whether you’re ready to list or you’d like advice on the best timing for your unique situation, we’re here to help. Give us a call anytime at 719-337-7254 or 720-498-9592.

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