Top 11 Reasons to Live Along the Front Range

Top 11 Reasons to Live Along the Front Range

  • Rob Thompson
  • 01/12/24

We get the question all the time: why do people like Colorado so much? Since we at the Rob Thompson Homes Team have spent multiple decades living along the Front Range and enjoying all that the Centennial State has to offer, we’re here to break down what is so appealing about Colorado. The aspects below all play into the steady popularity of our beautiful state.

1. Outdoor Recreation 

The vast majority of Front Range residents value the bounty of outdoor recreation opportunities most of all. There are activities for every taste and level conveniently accessible from Front Range cities like Colorado Springs, Denver, and Boulder. In the winter, many Coloradans drive to the mountains for downhill skiing, snowboarding, snow tubing, and cross country skiing. Some stick to lower elevations to enjoy snowshoeing and winter hikes. In warmer months, you can catch many locals out on the hiking trails, tubing the creeks and rivers, paddle boarding at a reservoir, or meeting up with friends at a park. 

2. Great Weather

Colorado is an excellent place to live for those who want to experience all four seasons, but who aren’t enthusiastic about the longer, darker winters that more northern states see. Boasting 300 days of sunshine per year, Colorado weather makes it easy to get outside no matter the season. Fairly mild weather means bitter cold is always fleeting, and summer heat waves aren’t so crippling. With that being said, your friendly Colorado real estate team does recommend four wheel drive if you need to get in the car on a snowy day!

3. Quality of Life

Because of Colorado’s collective emphasis on getting outside and enjoying nature, the quality of life and work-life balance is much easier to achieve along the Front Range compared to many large cities. From mid-week ski days to slow mornings at the farmer’s market or coffee shop, there are plenty of ways to slow down and appreciate the little things in Colorado. With access to great food and opportunities to socialize, Denver, Colorado Springs, Boulder and Fort Collins all offer an excellent quality of life for people at any stage of life. 

4. Career Opportunities in Growing Industries

Another major motivator for professionals to move to the Front Range is the amazing career opportunity in various growing industries. Technology, healthcare, and defense are all high-paying industries with an ever-present impact on Colorado’s economy, and new jobs are opening every day. Young professionals find exciting opportunities in startups and tech roles throughout the Front Range. 

5. Active Lifestyle

Living along the Front Range also makes it easier to adopt an active lifestyle and develop healthy habits. In addition to the many recreation opportunities, the social aspect of being active in Colorado draws many people in. When people around you have healthy habits, it’s easy to get on board and practice an active lifestyle as well! Many of the best ways to meet people in Colorado involve engaging in a physical activity. Join a running club, a kickball league, or a soccer meetup to get those endorphins flowing while meeting new friends.

6. Leisure Options

Of course, no one expects you to hike or ski every single day! Another compelling aspect of living along the Front Range is the wide variety of leisure options. Countless breweries offer great spots to hang out and enjoy a beer, the restaurant scene is always developing, and the cultural offerings in downtown Denver and Colorado Springs provide options for everyone. From community theater to touring Broadway shows to comedy sets and music, there are countless ways to be entertained along the Front Range. Once you’ve experienced a concert at the iconic Red Rocks Amphitheatre, you won’t want your musical experiences any other way!

7. Natural Wonders

On top of the stunning views accessible from the countless ski resorts and hiking trails, the Front Range is also full of natural wonders that are easy to drive by or stroll around. Near Colorado Springs, spend time in the breathtaking red rock formations at Garden of the Gods, drive to the top of Pikes Peak, see the Royal Gorge by foot or train, or explore Cave of the Winds. Day trips to even more natural wonders abound, with easy access to stunning spots like Hanging Lake and Maroon Bells.

8. Indoor Attractions

While the weather is relatively mild, there are plenty of days when being outside or driving extensively aren’t appealing. Living along the Front Range means being able to visit indoor attractions like Meow Wolf, as well as explore various great museums and theater performances. 

9. Wildlife Viewing

Animal lovers can catch a glimpse of various wildlife along the Front Range. Especially on hiking trails and away from the hustle and bustle of downtown areas, it’s common to spot elk, bighorn sheep, deer, moose, and countless bird species while adventuring in Colorado. 

10. Sporting Events

There are sports teams for every type of fan along the Front Range! From the Colorado Springs Switchbacks soccer team to the Stanley Cup champion team the Avalanche and NBA champion Nuggets, there are dozens of thrilling sports teams and events taking place in Denver, Colorado Springs, and Boulder. Whether you love college sports or professional teams, there are often multiple events to choose from in any given week. Those who love to root for the home team find plenty of opportunities in Colorado’s Front Range. 

11. A Place for Every Taste

Finally, another reason why people love Colorado so much is because there’s a city or town for every lifestyle. Colorado Springs, Denver, Boulder, Fort Collins, and Pueblo all have their own unique flavor, drawing in a huge range of individuals. Whether you want to live nestled in the mountain shadows or close to a reservoir, there’s a place for you in Colorful Colorado. 

Why Is Colorado Real Estate So Expensive?

Of course, with great popularity comes a bit of a challenge. Especially since 2020, many people we’ve spoken to have asked why Colorado is so expensive. It’s true that real estate in Denver, for example, comes at a higher cost than major cities in most neighboring states. That price point is due in part to the popularity of an outdoor-loving state, which blew up even more during the pandemic. Many people were drawn to a more active lifestyle where they could spend time outside and enjoy sunshine year-round. One of the biggest drawbacks of living in Colorado is that housing supply is still limited compared to the level of demand, which means Colorado real estate is expensive. 

The good news is, with an experienced Colorado real estate agent at your side, you can identify the neighborhoods along the Front Range with housing options that fit your budget and appeal to your key reasons for living in our lovely state. There is still a huge range of options and price points, and the best way to get familiar with your options is to talk with an expert. At the Rob Thompson Homes Team, we are always available to answer your questions — we love talking about Colorado! Give us a call anytime at 719-337-7254 or 720-498-9592.

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