Why I Work by Referral

Why I Work by Referral

  • Rob Thompson
  • 03/24/23

Have you ever gotten this call?

“Hi there, the property value of your home has increased! Have you thought about selling?” Then, regardless of your answer, “Will you keep me in mind as your realtor when you decide to sell?”

Odds are, you have. Why? Because many agents spend 50-75% of their working hours chasing the next deal by cold calling or door knocking. 

My strategy is a bit different. I choose to work by referral because this route allows me to better serve you. Here’s how!

More time to serve my clients

It’s easy to imagine how cold calling and going door-to-door can quickly eat up working hours. I’d rather spend those hours researching local trends, getting to know the ever-changing neighborhoods along the Front Range, and checking in with my existing clients and contacts. Forgoing the cold call strategy frees up my time to serve my clients and do the work I truly love.  

Long-term relationships 

When agents adopt a cold-calling method or spend large amounts of time on strategies outside of referrals, it’s easy to begin seeing clients as just another number. That mindset doesn’t work for me — it doesn’t resonate with who I am or with the kind of agent I want to be. I know there’s no overstating the importance of a home buying or selling decision, from either an emotional or a financial standpoint. My clients are more than a number or just another deal. They are people about whom I care very deeply. 

The best way for me to support my clients is to get to know them and to form a strong professional relationship that allows me to understand their needs and priorities. That support and care doesn’t simply go away after closing! I believe in nurturing long-term relationships, even after closing. My clients are more than just numbers, and I care about their wellbeing long after all the paperwork is signed.

Exceptional service

Providing exceptional service lives at the core of my business model as well as my motivation each day. In a field where life-changing decisions are made regularly, I believe it is my duty to show up fully and provide the absolute best service possible at every interaction. 

Working by referral keeps me accountable to this duty, and this referral practice serves me and my clients well. Ideally, my clients agree that I provide exceptional service, and they refer me to friends and family so that they can also have a positive experience. With excellent service at the core of what I do, it only makes sense to work by referral. 

Ongoing resources

Working by referral means staying in touch with past clients for years beyond the sale. Yes, this allows me to maintain our professional relationship and may help them remember to refer me to their friends and family members entering the housing market. But it also allows me the space to be a resource on an ongoing basis. This model allows me to constantly share what I know about home value trends, helpful local professionals like handymen, fun upcoming events, and more. Exceptional service and long-term relationships mean that I get to serve as a resource for years to come, not only during the real estate transaction. 

In short, I’d rather spend my time and efforts nurturing a professional relationship with the people I have already served or am currently serving instead of wasting hours on the phone to tell uninterested people about my services. If I’m accomplishing the exceptional service I set out to provide, my service and my clients will do the talking for me — and I couldn’t be more grateful for that!


If you’ve got any questions about the local market or the process of buying or selling a home, please don’t hesitate to reach out. And remember…I’m never too busy for your referrals!

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Rob is honored every time a client puts trust in him to navigate one of the biggest financial transactions of his or her life. He takes the obligation very seriously, and he's very proud of the many satisfied clients that he has been able to help. Give him a call to see if his the right agent to help you through this complicated process.

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