Inconveniences of Selling

Inconveniences of Selling

  • Rob Thompson
  • 05/3/22
Even in a booming seller’s market like the one we’re seeing today, selling a home is no walk in the park!
In addition to learning about a deeply complex process and making dozens of small but important decisions, the decision and steps to selling can be emotional and stressful. Whether you’re moving to accommodate a growing family, downsizing for a new stage of life, or transferring because of employment or lifestyle opportunities, there are a few inconveniences of selling to be aware of before diving in.


One of the early steps in listing a home for sale is staging. Some people hear the term and think of pricey services that will swap out all of the furniture in your home, but in reality, every home on the market should be staged, and it doesn't have to require extra money.
What staging does require is a mindset shift and substantial effort. Staging requires us to see the home as a blank slate and make it as neutral as possible which means we have to make it feel less like our home. This can be an emotional undertaking, especially since it comes up so soon in the process.
When staging a home, we want to make each room feel as bright, large, and neutral as possible. Doing so might require moving (and removing) some furniture, painting over bright walls, and decluttering all surfaces.
A common mistake in staging is that people tend to think they can stage their home the way they live in it. For most people, that means there are things like appliances out on the countertops and tables, enough furniture to seat lots of people, and family photos hanging around the home. Needing to stage doesn’t mean there was anything wrong, cluttered, or dirty about the way someone was living in their home, but a staged home should look different than a lived-in home.
When families are still living in the home while they work to sell it which is often the case the task of staging is an ongoing process since keeping the home decluttered and clean will be crucial for each showing. Fortunately, today’s market favors sellers, so most homes don’t need to be on the market very long before they go under contract.


Once the home is staged and we’ve taken professional photos, it’s time to list and start showing! Unfortunately, showing your home can be another pain point in the process because it’s simply inconvenient.
When showings are scheduled, not only does the home need to be staged well, but everyone who lives there also needs to be out of the house. This step is more inconvenient for some homeowners than others: a young couple without pets or children will have an easier time popping out of the house than a family with a few kids, two cats and a dog.
This is one of the many steps of the selling process when it’s important to have great communication with your agent. There’s a lot of back-and-forth required, but quick and consistent updates can make the process smooth and streamlined so that you’ve got plenty of notice and can plan in advance. 


Once the sale is all squared away, there’s still the biggest inconvenience of all to worry about: moving!
No one loves moving, but taking advantage of today’s seller’s market and getting into a home that fits your priorities is beyond worth it. Working with your realtor to plan out timing of closing around your move and the purchase of your next home will help the entire process feel smooth and predictable, mitigating stress and hassle. 
Fortunately, all of these inconveniences get much more manageable when you have the right support from a qualified realtor. Real estate service with up-front communication, in-depth guidance, and prioritization of your best interest all alleviate the stress and inconvenience that can come with selling.
I’d love to work together to make the experience as smooth and stress-free as possible! Please Contact me.

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