Dreaming of Golf Course Living? Here’s What You Should Know.

Dreaming of Golf Course Living? Here’s What You Should Know.

  • Rob Thompson
  • 07/21/23

Consider the pros and cons of a home that backs up to the green. 

Whether or not they’re avid golfers themselves, I’ve had various clients throughout the years who dream of living on a golf course. Keep these pros and cons top of mind if you share the dream of waking up to views of the green!

Pros of Golf Course Living

Living on a golf course offers undeniable benefits.

  • Peaceful, scenic surroundings: Regardless of your skill level as a golfer, it’s only natural to feel at peace when you gaze out at the sprawling green grasses and rolling hills of the golf course. Living on the green makes for lovely mornings and evenings on the back patio.
  • Very quiet at night: After golfing hours, the course is blissfully quiet. For noise-sensitive folks, the quiet nature of a golf course at night is an important benefit. 
  • No neighbors behind you: Backing up to a golf course means there are no neighbors behind you, which gives you unobstructed views in addition to added serenity.
  • Strong property values: Especially because no one is building large structures right in the line of your view and golf courses often call to mind wealth and recreation, the property values of homes on golf courses tend to remain very strong.
  • Recreational opportunities: Of course, for golfers, a critical added benefit of living on the golf course is the convenient recreational opportunity the location offers!

Drawbacks of Living on a Golf Course

While living on a golf course sounds like a dream come true for many, it’s important to bear in mind that there are also a few downsides. 

  • Daytime noise: Although golf courses are delightfully quiet at night, they are often noisy during the day. Depending on the culture of the particular course, golfers themselves may make quite a bit of noise. Maintenance crews can also contribute to noise concerns. For those who work from home or use an unconventional schedule, the daytime noise may be a drawback. 
  • Lack of privacy: Some people struggle with the lack of privacy that comes with living on a golf course. Depending on exactly where the home is situated on the course, it may feel like a stream of strangers are strolling through your backyard. 
  • Risk: Depending on the precise location of the home and the layout of the course, living on a golf course may pose a risk of damage should a golf ball be hit into the side of your home, your yard, or even a window. 
  • Fees: In some communities, there are fees associated with living on the golf course. However, these are specific to each neighborhood and the fees may come with their own set of appealing benefits. 

In determining your ideal location, it’s important to thoroughly consider the pros and cons of each option. For many people, the possible drawbacks of golf course living are far overshadowed by the serenity and the beautiful views of the course. 

If you’d like to further discuss the benefits and drawbacks of any location, I’m here to help! Don’t hesitate to give me a call at 719-337-7254 or 720-498-9592.

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