Choose the Right Listing Agent

Choose the Right Listing Agent

  • Rob Thompson
  • 05/3/22

Think the Upgrades in Your Home Are the Only Determining Factors in How Much It Will Sell for? Think Again.

While the condition and location of your home are important factors in terms of its sale, they aren’t the only factors. In order to get your home on the market efficiently and strategically, it’s crucial to choose the right listing agent for your particular goals. Here’s what to look for. 


Finding the right listing agent to help you sell your home will ensure that your pricing strategy is appropriate for your goals.
In our current seller’s market, it’s common for sellers to get carried away by the headlines and list their homes at an exceptionally high price tag. While this instinct is understandable, pricing your home accurately and competitively will drive more traffic to your listing and allow plenty of potential buyers to see it for the gem it is! From there, we’re more likely to see various offers and better ending numbers than we might have if we’d listed high.
Often, homes listed with an inappropriately high price tag will go for weeks with few showings and even fewer offers before developing a stigma and ultimately dropping in price. Your ideal listing agent will also take into account any time constraints you might have it’s never easy to buy and sell a home at the same time! Partner with a listing agent experienced in your local market in order to strategically price your home for sale. 


Choosing the right listing agent will also help you in getting your home ready for photos and showings. Even the cleanest and best-kept homes will need to be staged before we take marketing photos or schedule walkthroughs. The way we stage and show homes is simply different from the way we live in them.
The right listing agent will help you to decide which pieces of furniture and personal touches should be moved or stored in order to allow potential buyers to connect with the home. When we stage, we focus on making your home appear as bright and large as possible while appealing to all five senses. Buyers make decisions quickly when they arrive for a walkthrough, so every detail counts! 


Once we’ve landed on appropriate pricing for your home and staged it to perfection, it’s time to get the word out! Marketing processes can vary greatly among listing agents, so it’s important to find out up front how your agent will help show the world how lovely your home really is!
It’s most helpful to find a listing agent who will:
  • Provide photography and video services to accurately and attractively capture your listing
  • Create polished marketing copy so that people can read about all of the elements that make your home a great find
  • Push your listing to an interested network via email, social media, fliers and more
No matter how well-staged and beautiful your home may be, it won’t do any good if no one knows about it! Working with a listing agent who’s well-versed in marketing will get your home in front of plenty of sets of eyes and send the offers rolling in.
I’m dedicated to pulling out all the stops to make my clients’ listings shine! For more information about the listing process or with any questions you might have, please don’t hesitate to Contact me.

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