2023’s Home Design Trends

2023’s Home Design Trends

  • Rob Thompson
  • 09/1/23

Trends come and go, but they’re popular for a reason. In the home design space, trends often point to strategies for optimizing the comfort and function of the home overall. Whether you’re building a new house and wondering how to stay ahead of the latest style or you’re working to update your current home before selling, these top trends are worth a look! 


In kitchen design, earthy tones and plenty of natural light dominate top trend lists. Natural wood and beige tones couple well with off-white and mixed metals in today’s most stylish kitchens. 

When it comes to function and layout, alignment with outdoor spaces is key. Many households are still hosting plenty of outdoor gatherings, which means the emphasis on large windows, pass-through windows, and sliding doors is strong. Open designs that connect the kitchen with the main living area have also maintained popularity. 

As the kitchen takes on increasing uses in the typical household, trends like oversized islands and even double features are gaining popularity. Kitchens with two islands, two sinks, and extended spaces are becoming more common as group-cooked meals demand more room. From math homework at the kitchen counter to teamwork on family dinner night, today’s trendy kitchens leave space for every possibility. 


In the home office, wallpaper is back! In a push toward more self-expression and joy-sparking details in the remote workday, many home offices now flaunt patterned wallpaper with intentional color schemes. Science tells us that our brains are strongly impacted by colors, and many remote workers are using that to their advantage by choosing energizing or calming colors for their workspace depending on their needs. 

Likewise, natural light can help us feel more awake, which has propelled the trend toward large windows in home offices. This trend goes hand in hand with the renewed popularity of houseplants in the home office and other elements of biophilic design. Biophilic design aims to bring natural elements into our daily lives. It encompasses design choices like using natural materials, incorporating floral patterns, displaying indoor plants, and more. 

Bed and Bath

In bedroom and bathroom design, we’re seeing a renewed attention to lighting. In the bedroom, incorporating highly adjustable lighting goes a long way in improving your everyday life, from installing a light switch for soft lighting that’s accessible from the bed to considering the specific tone and brightness of the light in each area of your bedroom. A walk-in closet requires different lighting than the area over the bed, for example. Additionally, choosing lighting fixtures that double as statement pieces has gained popularity in bedrooms and bathrooms this year. 

Nature-inspired decor and materials are just as popular in bathroom design as home office design, meaning stone and greenery are flourishing in today’s luxury bathrooms. Increasingly, people are choosing to vary textures instead of colors within their bathrooms to create added visual interest. Lastly, similar to kitchen trends, many households are incorporating a more responsive use of space based on their daily routines, from extra-long vanities to clever hidden storage.

With natural elements and personalization at the forefront, many of these trends are simple to incorporate whether you’re making a new home your own or staging your place to sell. To discuss more of today’s trends or to learn about staging strategies, feel free to give me a call at 719-337-7254 or 720-498-9592.

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